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Welcome to Mikomos, the directory of dating spots that anyone can edit. There are now 1159 mikomos.[refresh] [Add mine!]


  • 1/21/15 - Mikomos just moved to a new, really fast, server. Notice anything amiss? Please tell us.
  • 10/26/13 - New experimental book feature. Mikomos just added a new feature that allows users to create their own printable and storable books. While viewing a makom, look in the sidebar under "Print/export". You will see an option called "Create a book". This will allow you to create your own book of specific mikomos, divided into chapters of your choosing. This feature is intended to replace the books that were previously published and available for purchase. Unfortunately, those haven't happened for quite some time. This feature is experimental, since it will output lots of markup and such that is undesired, among other issues. Hope you find it useful.
  • 1/30/13 - Did you notice? We just passed 1,000 mikomos! Congratulations to Syjew on receiving a long-overdue barnstar. So what's next?
  • 10/21/12 - Busted! The River Cafe has been caught charging Orthodox Jews a cover charge that they often "forget" to apply to everyone else. See the makom's page for more info.
  • 2/21/12 - Mazel tov to Syjew on being anointed an admin!
  • 11/21/11 - The Mikomos 2011 Edition book is still on sale. It is unknown if there will be a 2012 edition. Use coupon code E6HHH3N3 for $3 off the $13.99 list price - making it only $10.99! Get it here. The book is also available from for $13.99 with possibly free shipping.
  • 8/7/11 - Help us design THE NEXT BIG FEATURE!
  • 12/16/10 - Good news! There is now an up-to-date gps file available. This is in the standard GPX format which will work in Garmin and other devices. Conversion should be available to any device. Right-click here to save the file. Enjoy!

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