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Naming conventions

  • Unless necessary, a makom's name should not begin with "The." Nor should "The" be placed at the end of the title, as in "Makom, The."
  • A makom's name should not end with a description like "Hotel," "Park" or "Museum" unless it is really part of the makom's title. For example, Stamford Marriott and not Stamford Marriott Hotel.

Adding a chain

Advanced: When a makom is a chain, one page should be created whose title is the parent company's name (examples: Starbucks or Putting Edge). (Note: This page may already exist. Do a search.) This can be done here. This page should contain any information that pertains to all locations of this chain.

After that is done, click Add a new makom and add a location of this chain. The title of this page should be the parent company's name, followed by the work "in", followed by the city (sometimes neighborhood) where this particular location is (examples: Starbucks in Howard Beach or Putting Edge in Toronto). This page should only contain information that pertains to this particular location. While editing the page you will notice a box that says "Chain:" where you can enter the name of the parent company.

If you are too confused by this or are too lazy to figure out what it says, don't give up!. Do your best and somebody smarter and more patient than you :) will fix it up.

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