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How did Mikomos start?[edit]

See History of Mikomos.

You spelt Mikomos wrong[edit]

Sue us.

Where are all the places? You guys missed so many that I know about![edit]

Bad news. You're one of the "you guys." Mikomos is a collaborative project. It has been proven that there are way too many places for even a small group of people to track and maintain. In order to survive, Mikomos needs everybody's contribution. So until you add your places, "you guys" will have missed them.

How do I contact a sysop?[edit]

For content related stuff use User talk:Tosfos. For web related stuff use User talk:Doofus.

Where can I find properly licensed pictures of mikomos?[edit]

In general, anything contained in a Wikimedia project such as Wikipedia can be used on Mikomos. Wikimedia Commons is a good place to look. You can also do an advanced search on flickr. Be sure "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed photos" is selected.

How do I upload pictures?[edit]

Send us a link to it here. Be sure that it is properly licensed. See here for information about being added to the uploadaccess group.

How do I rename a makom?[edit]

You can't. Add a comment on the makom's discussion page and an admin will swiftly respond and take the appropriate action.

What should I do if a find a makom listed here that has closed?[edit]

Leave a note on the makom's page. When it is confirmed to be closed, a sysop will delete it.

Why are closed places kept around and not simply deleted?[edit]

They are kept around a little while so people know that they're closed. We also allow users some time to discuss whether or not the makom is really closed. There is no official amount of time before they are deleted, but it's generally around a year.

I added a place and it's NOT SHOWING UP![edit]

Calm down there. Chances are that your work is not lost. You can verify that by checking the Recent changes.

Most of the time this happens because you (yes you) neglected to choose a category for the makom. So until you (well not necessarily you but someone) add a category it will be lost in the land of Uncategorized Mikomos. Or, it's not showing up in the index page because you are seeing a cached version of the page. Dealing with how to fix that is beyond the scope of this answer. But rest assured that it's there and will show up soon.