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Mikomos always has work that has to be done. Anything you contribute is a big help. This takes nothing more than some time; most items listed require no special skills.

mikomos content[edit]

  1. Help add mikomos in Israel. Click here for a good list of restaurants and activities you can add.
  2. Harvest these lists of mikomos from the jewish newspapers [1] [2]
  3. Update current lakewood restaurants from this lakewood directory http://www.virtuallakewood.com/index.php?page=shopping&sid=243&flg=1&categories_id=7#
  4. A nice list of dating spots: http://www.hashkafah.com/index.php?showtopic=13963 Please feel free to add any or all of these.
  5. There might be some good ideas here: http://badforshidduchim.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/where-oh-where-would-my-date-want-to-go/#comments
  6. Add some of the Miami mikomos


  1. Add suggestions for how to combine mikomos into one date. Help with Mikomos Combinations.
  2. Help with How to choose a good makom
  3. Help with Dating howto, tips and etiquette

Ongoing todos[edit]

  1. Categorize the Uncategorized Mikomos. There are currently 115 mikomos in desperate need of categorization. Don't let them down!
  2. Add coordinates to the articles that can't be automatically geocoded. There are currently 0 mikomos that have no idea where they are! Show them the way!
  3. Add information to the stubs - mikomos that are missing basic information. Sometimes this information can be found with a simple search. If you've been there, we certainly want to hear your take. There are currently 194 stubs.

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