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Designing the Next Big Feature[edit]

Mikomos needs your help in designing the Next Big Feature. Basically, we want guides for each neighborhood. A newbie is headed out to an area he's never visited. What would you tell him about the area?

To do this right, there are a few things we need to determine:

Good idea?[edit]

Is anybody interested or this a waste of time?


I wrote up a quick guide for Far Rockaway. The content here is just a sample and is not that important. But we should determine if there are more types of information that should be included.


For Makom input, we've had an infobox on the right side with basic info. Then we've had text areas that each display under their own headings. I followed that somewhat here, though I couldn't think of anything yet that would go in the infobox. We'd like to prompt our editors for as much information as possible.


Where should these guides be displayed? I'm thinking that for now, they should be linked to from each neighborhood's mikomos listing.

Your suggestions are welcome below. Enjoy! --Tosfos 22:23, August 7, 2011 (EDT)

Excellent idea[edit]

I think that this will make an excellent addition. I also agree that this should be displayed in each neighborhoods secion, but maybe there can also be a left side link to "guides" where you can list all the guide links together. I think that this area guide will definitely need a Parking Tips section. I will come up with some more tips soon. --Syjew 22:33, August 7, 2011 (EDT)

We can also add a mikomos combinations section. --Syjew 22:50, August 7, 2011 (EDT)

I think having it as a separate section would be better, rather than makon listing. I see the value as being someone coming in from out of the area doesn't only need a makom to go to, but also to know where to Daven, find groceries, barber shop, cleaners, etc. --Leppy

Other Ideas[edit]

Is there an appropriate place on mikomos.com to suggest other new ideas? I realize that this page is dedicated to the specific idea of an "Area Guide". In any case here is one idea that I think would be very useful. If this is not the appropriate place to post this information then please feel free to move or delete this.

Another idea - Distance/time to Makom from a specific address[edit]

It should be possible to create a feature that allows a user to enter an address. Then the site could access google maps (or some other service) behind the scenes and display an estimated distance to each makom on the list of mikomos. This would save a lot of time when trying to find a makom. This would require some programming but it is possible. To expand on this idea - a feature that lists all mikomos that are located within some number of miles (or minutes) from a particular address would be very useful. I believe that neither of these ideas are able to be implemented directly with the WikiMedia software without doing some programming.

Another idea - a page to list and vote on new ideas[edit]

I don't think that a new idea list exists anywhere on this site yet. It would be nice to have a page to include new ideas and then allow users to up-vote or down-vote individual ideas. Again (as with the previous idea) this would probably involve some coding.

Better place for all this is on the main page talk page. Will move it tomorrow, hopefully. ----Syjew 23:08, April 8, 2013 (EDT)